PRTG is a Great Alternative to MRTG

MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) is a tool that monitors traffic on a network connection. Although useful, MRTG has its limitations. Many of its users have switched to PRTG Network Monitor - the innovative and user-friendly network and bandwidth monitoring tool.

Often described as MRTG for Windows, PRTG Network Monitor makes network monitoring easy. The software works with (almost) all SNMP enabled devices, such as managed switches, routers and firewalls. It can also monitor services and systems using various other protocols such as WMI, SMTP, HTTP, etc. PRTG is remarkably easy to install on Windows 7 and newer versions. Monitoring is both simple and intuitive, and can be done via a web based front end, a Windows application, or mobile devices. Data retrieval and configuration is easy, and the fully skinnable web interface makes it easy to customize reports to suit your business.

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